Hello, my name is Hamish Campbell and I operate a remotely piloted quadcopter with a camera capable of taking high resolution images and high definition videos from an aerial perspective.

On completion of approved training and with the appropriate insurance cover, I was granted Permission for Aerial Work (“PFAW”) from the Civil Aviation Authority in November 2015. Note a PFAW is a legal pre-requisite for any operator wishing to undertake remotely piloted aerial work that is of a commercial nature.

Aerial photographs and videos provide an increasingly popular and nearly always unique perspective to highlight and promote properties, businesses or services. In addition, a remotely piloted aircraft can be used to image those locations that are inaccessible at ground level and without the need for substantial and additional physical structures.

In broad terms, I can operate up to 120 metres and within visual line of sight (500 metres). Additional restrictions may apply in respect of controlled airspace or over congested areas or large events.

If you would like to discuss possible ideas for aerial imaging then please do not hesitate to contact me.